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Posted on December 03, 2017

Mirror and White Screen from

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Lenses: Get the Contact Lenses here
Operating Life: 3 months
Prize: about 18€ per pair (excluding shipping)
Delivery Time: about 4 days shipping within Germany

I've got one pair of lenses called MIRROR and one pair of lenses called WHITE SCREEN, they are both part of the colervue crazy lens series.

The lenses came packed in a small package with enough space. 321Linsen included one pack of contact lens solution for free.
The lenses themself are packed in the standard boxing of the colervue series.
Mirror are shimmery silver looking contact lenses with a high amount of opacity. The lenses are a little bit thicker than circle lenses and when you touch them with your fingers they feel a like rubber. I like this, since I prefer to put in thicker lenses because for me they are easier to work with. At the beginning I was afraid that the Mirror lenses would look like the plain white Zombie lenses but they don't. They are a shimmery silver which are looking freaking great.

White Screen are white looking contact lenses that are also covering the pupil. The lenses have a kind of a white net printed on, which creates the blind eye effect. They don't make the eye completly white.
The lenses have a great effect but if you want to have complete white eyes, they won't be the right choice for it. When you wear these lenses you don't have a good sight, it feels a little bit foggy.
I'm a little bit sad, that the contact lenses only have a operating life of 3 months.

The delivery time was standard for a small package and took about 4 days by Deutsche Post. The contact to the seller was very nice and pleasant, but unfortunately also a little bit pedestrian. Alltogether the shop was quite good, but I still prefer my standard shops, since their webshops are more overseeable and comfortable to handle.

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