Harley D.Va - Mash Up Suit

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Posted on April 03, 2017


Harley D.Va Suit
Mash Up

Shop: It's hero's time
Costume: Get the costume here
Prize: about 125$ (excluding shipping)
Delivery Time: 1 week to make the costume and 4 days shipping to Germany
Size: costum-made

Included was only the suit.

I ordered the suit costum-made in my size with boots to the suit included and forearm zippers. The suit is made with thicker spandex and is printed nicely with shades at boobs, butt and belly to make it look more solid. The gloves are connected to the suit, but because of the forearm zippers you can free your hands if you need them. The boots are also connected to the suit and you can't detach them, but you can slip nicely into the shoes. In fact they are a kind of slippers with a stable sole that are sewn into the suit perfectly.
The suit has an zipper on it's back where you can open and close it. This is the only zipper next to the both forearm zippers which I ordered extra.
Because of its elastic cloth it fits me very well, just like a second skin. It's emphasizes your body quite well, especially because of the light grey shades for a better three-d look.
The cloth is very comfortable because it's elastic at the right places but also thick enough so that you won't feel to naked. It really fells good on your skin. I recommend you to wear some skin colored seamless underwear for a better look.

I really like that herostime makes it possible to let you choose between so many options to costumize your desired suit perfectly!

The delivery was very fast and I didn't expect the costume to arrive this fast! It was shipped via fedex within 4 days and before that it was made within a week for me. The contact to the seller was very nice and pleasant. Alltogether I can highly recommend this shop! The delivery and the contact were great. I'm so happy that I could review this suit and get to know to these great products! Defintely one of my favorites!

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