Harley Quinn Lace Front Wig

bought at Cosplaybuzz ~ picture by Klaus Blum

Posted on September 30, 2016

Harley Lace Front Wig

Harley Quinn Lace Front Wig

Shop: Cosplaybuzz
Label: Wig Is Fahsion
Wig: Get the wig here
Prize: 75$ plus 18,50$ shipping it to Germany
Delivery Time: about two/three weeks to Germany

The wig comes prestyled with two ponytails. The colored parts of the hair have soft transition, it looks a little bit like it fades.

It's synthetic hair with a very soft touch and natural looking. I really feels like real human hair. And the end of the ponytails curles up a little bit.
Also the wig has an adjustable hooks inside, so it will fit for most sizes. And there are three little combs to stick it to your real hair. It fits perfectly without causing headaches.

You can also open the tails and restyle it if needed. Or you can wear it without the tails, but when you're doing this you should make sure that you won't see the plastic scalp that's implemented.
The wig nearly won't loose any hair and it has the perfect thickness. It isn't too thin nor is it too thick. It is just perfect!

I ordered the wig at cosplaybuzz but in fact it is a Wig Is Fashion wig. The delivery of it was fast. I got the wig within two and a half weeks, I didn't expect that since a friend of mine waited about one month! In fact I can recommend this shop and this wig. It's the best Harley wig I've ever had.

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