Harley Quinn - The New 52

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Posted on May 12, 2017

Harley Pyjama

Harley Quinn
The New 52

Shop: It's hero's time
Costume: Get the costume here
Prize: about 50$ (excluding shipping)
Delivery Time: about 1 month to design and make the costume plus 3 days it shipping to Germany
Size: costum-made

Included was the only the pyjama itself.

I asked herostime to make a new costume which they hadn't in store. I wanted to cosplay the pyjama version of Harley Quinn in the New 52 comics. So I asked them if they could make this costume.
Therefore I sent them a lot of reference pictures, so that they would exactly knew how the costume looks like. After about one month the costume was ready and it's lovely!
As the design was new, I ordered the costume costum-made in my size. The suit is made out of soft spandex which fits perfectly to my body. The color is very intense and a little bit shimmery.
The black diamonds on the red parts aren't printed but sewn onto the suit. The white ruffels are made out of cotton
Because of its elastic cloth it is easily to put on. The pyjama has a black decent zipper in the back which fits good to the costume. The parts with the white ruffles aren't stretchy. So please be careful there.
The cloth is very comfortable because it's elastic but also thick enough so that you won't feel to naked. It really fells good on your skin. I recommend you to wear some skin colored seamless underwear for a better look.

I'm very impressed that they designed this costume so well and I would ask them again for other costume. I love this service!

The delivery was very fast and only took about 3 days! It was shipped via fedex as usual. The contact to the seller was very nice and pleasant. Alltogether I can highly recommend this shop! The delivery and the contact were great. I'm happy that I asked them to make this costume and can't wait to order again! I'm a huge fan of this shop!

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