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Who Am I?

I'm Sajalyn, a 24 years old german cosplayer from bavaria. I started cosplaying in March 2015 and in February 2016 I had my first little exhibition. In April 2017 I took part at the film shooting of SOKO München as a bit-part player in my selfmade cosplay.
Some of my cosplays are self-made but some are also bought or sponsored by costume companies. I don't care if a cosplay isn't selfmade, I just want to achieve the best result I can get. My favorite part of cosplaying is modeling. That's why I refer to myself as a cosmodel.

Press and print media and other achievements:

February 2016: Kurier
February 2016: Radio Mainwelle
February 2016: CosplayZine
April 2016: Frankenpost
April 2016: aktivnews
April 2016: Onetz - Der Neue Tag
May 2016: CosplayZine
May 2016: CosplayZine Mini Mag (Cover girl)
May 2016: TV Oberfranken
June 2016: CosplayZine
July 2016: Sexyfandom
August 2016: Onetz - Der Neue Tag
April 2017: Bit-part player at SOKO München (film shooting)
December 2017: Bit-part player at SOKO München (broadcast)

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