Lace Front Wig - Alice Madness Returns

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Posted on October 11, 2016

Lace Front Wig Alice Madness Returns

Lace Front Wig
Alice Madness Returns

Shop: CosplaySalon
Wig: Get the wig here
Delivery Time: about four days to Germany

This wig is just like the Daenerys Targaryen Lace Front Wig. But in a different color, different length and different style. This one has no parting.
Just like the other wig, I really love the touch of the hair. It's synthetic hair with a very soft touch and natural looking. I really feels like real human hair.
Also the wig has an adjustable hooks inside, so it will fit for most sizes. And there are three little combs to stick it to your real hair. It fits perfectly without causing headaches. If you want to you can style the wig the way you like, you can use a flat iron for example. You can even wear it with a ponytail since the lace front makes it looks so natural. I did cut the wig a little bit to make it look more like Alice's hair!
The wig nearly won't loose any hair and it has the perfect thickness. It isn't too thin nor is it too thick. Since Alice has thin hair this wig looks amazing for this costume.

The wig came also via Amazon. The delivery of it was very fast as well. I got the wig within four days. As usual this shop always meets my needs. The best is you can order their products via amazon or ebay or directly via their shop.

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