Nick Wilde - Zootopia

bought at CosplaySky ~ picture by Individuum Fotografie

Posted on May 18, 2016


Nick Wilde from Zootopia

Shop: CosplaySky
Costume: Get the costume here
Prize: about 70€ (incl. shipping)
Delivery Time: 2 - 3 weeks to Germany
Size: M (female)

Included were the fox ears, the fox tail, trousers, shirt and the tie.

When I got the costume the first thing I noticed that it smelled like plastic. But after a while the smell was gone.
The costume itself is very well sewn. The pattern of the tie is printed onto the fabric. But it looks quite good.
The tail has a strap so you can adjust it by tying it around your belly. When you put the strap through your belt loop of the trouser it will retain better. You can clip the ears onto your wig easily because they are glued to hair clips. This makes it easy to wear the ears.
I wear a bust away under the shirt to have flat breast, this makes the shirt look even more male. Altogether: The costume fits me very well, only the trousers are a little bit tight.

The delivery was good. They had to sew the costume before they could sent it to me. So I got the package withing two weeks, which is pretty neat! The contact to the seller was very pleasant as well. But the prize wasn't quite the deal, I think it is a little bit too expensive. All in all I've made a good experience with this shop even so I have heard enough criticism.

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