Wall Pictures from Saal Digital

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Posted on December 04, 2017

Wall Pictures Saal Digital

Wall Pictures from Saal Digital

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Material Alu-Dibond
Size 10 x 15 cm
Prize: about 10€ per picture suspension included (excluding shipping)
Delivery Time: about 2 days shipping within Germany

I was happy enough to get another chance to test the amazing wall pictures from Saal Digital!

I got a 50 € voucher, so I decided to order the smallest size possible, which was 10 x 15 cm. So I got 4 wall pictures as Alu-Dibond including shipping for under 50€.
It was really exciting to see such a small wall picture and gosh I love it! It's very special and yes it is very small but I find it quite charming that way! The colours come out great and when you pick up the wall picture you can feel the high quality material. I'm really in love with these pictures!
When you order your picutres, you are free to use their software or to order them via an onine service. Until now I've always used their software. It's really easy and costumer friendly. I can highly recommend it!

The delivery time of Saal Digital amazes me everytime. About 2 days after you placed the order you already got your package! I love this service! I order all of my pictures and photobooks at their shops, since they have such a high quality and great service! It's my favorite shop when it comes to prints!

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