Yang Xiao Long - RWBY

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Posted on December 23, 2016

Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long - Volume 1

Shop: RoleCosplay
Costume: Get the costume here
Wig: Get the wig here
Prize: 13,51€ (wig) + 76,66€ (costume) + 16,12€ (shippping) = 106,29€ (total)
Delivery Time: 8 days
Size: XL

Included to the costume were the gloves, stockings, panties, bag, yellow scarf, purple scarf, blouse, half skirt, belt, top, jacket, bracers and a flag with Yang's emblem.

The costume is very well sewn, doesn't smell and looks like the original design, especially because it has so many details and supplies. The jacket, the flag and the skirt are made out of cotton. The gloves, the stockings, the yellow scarf, the panties and the top are made out of an rather elastic cloth. The bracers are made out of a shiny gold cloth and they are also fed.
The skirt and the fake leather belt belong together, you can connect them with snap buttons. The purple scarf is made out of a very light and high quality cloth.
The costume itself fits me very well. Only the bracers are too big for me. I have to adjust them a little bit, but that's ok. The costume is also very comfortable and looks exactly like the original character. I'm impressed! This is my favorite Rolecosplay costume so far!
The wig I chose has a very good color for Yang. It's not too yellowish and it has the perfect thickness and length (90cm) for her. You have to cut the bangs and style it a little with hairspray to make it look more like Yang's hairdo. But that's just fine.

The delivery was very good and fast as usual. They had to make the costume and they also had to wait for their cloths to arrive. So it took about one month to get the costume ready. The shipping was only 8 days. The fastest delivery I got! The contact to the seller was very pleasant as well. Alltogether I can highly recommend this shop, they really want to make their costumers happy. And again I have to say: I'm really looking forward to review another costume of this shop!

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